A Whimsical Winter Wedding Invitation

Summer has always—and will always—be the most popular of the wedding seasons, thanks to blooming flowers and strapless-dress accommodating weather, but Vancouver’s actually well-suited to winter weddings. Everyone here has already adjusted to the cold and owns a few fancy outfits that are snow appropriate, plus there’s a certain magic that comes along with wintery evenings, and it’s often enough to let you go minimal on decor and planning.

For getting guests to attend your winter fete, we love the Elegant Snow invitation from Printable Press. It’s got just the right touch of winter, without shifting the focus from the fact that it’s a wedding (not a Christmas party) and still giving off a glamorous feel.

Because Printable Press is a print-it-yourself shop, you won’t have to worry about the high cost of shipping your invites over the border and can spend that money on high quality paper and printing instead. You can track down paper and printing options yourself, or check out their guide with links to online printers who do quality work.  Expect to save money even compared to Vancouver-based invitation designers, with Printable Press rates at about $100 for designing invitations and RSVP cards.


2 responses to “A Whimsical Winter Wedding Invitation

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