Butter Your Guests Up

While you’re probably trying to avoid everything butter-laden and delectable in the months leading up to your wedding, there’s no reason you (and your guests) should resist once the day actually rolls around. If you’re still on the hunt for a dessert that’s a little more fun than a fondant-covered tower of vanilla cake or if you haven’t quite figured out what favors you can give your quests (that won’t promptly be trashed), Butter Baked Goods is one delicious answer.

Aside from having one of the most adorable storefronts (bakeryfronts?) we’ve ever seen, Butter Baked Goods offers up a plethora of seriously tempting goodies, including the now-famous Homemade Oreo and Homemade Marshmallow. It’s worth a visit just to see the estrogen-invigorating aesthetic of the bakery, but it would be easy to find a few wedding options too.

If you’re eschewing traditional cake at the reception, consider one of their pies (retro shoo fly or mini lemon meringue, perhaps?) or heaps of their raspberry cupcakes.

For favors you can’t go wrong with the super sweet and gooey oreo cookie or bags of the Homemade Smores (which you can find at Urban Fare). Trust us, these offerings beat jordan almonds in just about every way.


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