Bare Mail

With the convenience and prevalence of e-mail, most of us have nearly forgotten the pleasures of getting mail. Sure, you probably still get the occasional bill or a few flyers from your local grocery stores, but when was the last time you received something intimate and exciting, like a handwritten letter, or better yet, a pair of seriously sexy French panties?

Thanks to Vancouver-based Panty by Post you can sign up for monthly fixes of exclusive luxurious underthings from Blush, a Montreal lingerie company that’s long been inspiring oohs, aahs and more than a little drool.

You can sign up with Panty by Post for anywhere between one delivery (a Sexy Single) and a full year (the Commitment), but for wedding purposes you’ll most likely want  the color-customizable Bridal Favours set of two panties each for your bridesmaids or the Something Blue package that comes with with one pair in that requisite wedding  shade.

If you really fall in love with each and every pair at Panty by Post (as we have!), why not suggest the site to your future hubby as the perfect wedding day present? It’s a gift that will keep on giving…for both of you. Find out more information on our favorite new mail service here, and don’t forget to check out the gallery.


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