Say No to Plastic People

Sticking a plastic bride and groom on top of a beautifully crafted wedding cake is more than a little passe. Yes, it was a tradition, but it’s also kind of tacky. But cake toppers themselves have been making a comeback—provided they’re not plastic people or feathery doves.

The cake toppers that have been gracing the tops of wedding cakes lately are all about natural materials and custom design, and the ones available from Star House are some of our favorites. Made from sustainable poplar wood, non-toxic water colors, beeswax and jojoba oil, they’re a lot greener than the little plastic people of years gone by, and the custom design beats any likeness you can eek out of bulk bride and groom cake toppers.

To get a custom couple, you simply send Star House (a small North Carolina-based crafter) a couple pictures of you and your hubby-to-be and a few instructions on what you’d like the wooden versions of yourselves to be wearing. Star House will come up with one or two mock-up drawings and send them to you for approval before starting the wood working. The whole process takes about two weeks and although it’s a little pricier than conventional options, you’ll end up with not only a conversation-creating cake topper, but a cute keepsake for years to come. Something you can’t say about cheap plastic figurines.


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