Winning the Name Game

What’s in a name? A ton of paperwork for one thing. Just when you’ve made it through the stresses of organizing and executing every detail of your big day and think you’ve made it to wedded bliss, you’re hit with the challenge of having to add your new name to every important identification you’ve got. It’s enough to make a girl want to keep the name she came into this world with.

If you’re eager to take your new hubby’s name, however, there’s a service that can make the whole process a lot easier. It’s called I’m a Mrs. and if your friends have been asking about wedding shower gifts, a gift certificate from I’m a Mrs. will do wonders for your stress levels.

You can choose between a standard package ($29.95) or a premium package ($49.95) and then access a host of forms for everything from government documents to your credit card, dentist and gym and since I’m a Mrs. has a Vancouver-based center that offers Canadian-specific information, you can be sure that all the info you get will be suited to our specific government needs.

Enter your details into your I’m a Mrs. account and they’ll auto fill your forms. All you have to do is review, sign and mail and you’ll be switching up your signature in no time. Yes, you could do it without their services—and brides do—but why add any extra complications when you’ve got a 100 thank-you notes to write?


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