Footwear for Winter Weather

Heels are the classic bridal choice, but when there’s snow on the ground or rain pounding down, a pair of satin slingbacks just won’t cut it.

If there’s a chance of less-than-ideal weather on your wedding day—some lucky rain perhaps?—it’s a good idea to search out a more suitable option or to at least pick up a pair as a backup should your pumps fall short.

There are some perks to adding a little funkiness to your footwear. A great pair of boots are going to be more comfortable for hours of standing than 4-inch stilettos  that were oh-so-tempting in the store, and switching up heels for something warmer might also result in more unique and “you” photos…especially if you’re not a heel girl in daily life. Plus, chances are you’ll wear boots again—unlike anything in white satin.

Don’t just reach for your battered snow boots, though, there’s still style to be had with cold-weather shoes. Below are some of the ideas we’ve seen on other brides (and links to get your own pair) so that you won’t end up with literal cold feet.

Cowboy Boots

An obvious choice if your favorite musician is Tim McGraw or your grew up on a ranch, cowboy boots can be incredibly comfortable and great for trooping around taking wedding photos. Basic browns and tans look sophisticated, but colors like bright red can add enviable extra flair. Old Gringo Hanna Atila Invasion Boots, $260.00

Rubber Boots

In Vancouver rain isn’t just a possibility it’s the biggest possibility, and if there’s anything that’s worse than freezing feet it’s wet and freezing feet. The best thing, of course, for preventing this when the rain does fall is rubber boots. Hunter boots, in turn, are the most popular—and trendy of the bunch. You could opt for basic black or bright red, but if it’s glamour you want, pick up a pair in silver. Hunter Original Tall Metallic Rain Boots, $115.00 (check out these cute Melissa ankle rain boots for a shorter option)


There’s a Victorian air to the bridal booties pictured above, however that doesn’t mean you can’t opt for a more modern look. Paler colors will be the usual choice, but don’t underestimate the impact of a pair of patent black booties (ideal if you’re a fashionista and looking for a way to incorporate edge into your wedding day look). Free People Cut Out Eyelet Bootie, $69.98


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