A High Society Stagette

If sugary drinks with dirty names and phallic jewelry aren’t your idea of a fun send-off into wedded bliss, we have a stagette idea that could literally be your cup of tea.

The Secret Garden Tea Co. is located right here in Vancouver (quaint Kerrisdale, to be specific), and receives constant rave reviews for their high tea. It’s a little less formal than the high teas available at the Fairmont Vancouver and Fairmont Empress, but what they may lack in formality they make up for with plenty of charm.

We don’t know many women who wouldn’t be excited about towers of delectable pastries, dainty tea sandwiches, cup after cup of sweetly scented teas, and plain old girly fun. Plus, as an added bonus, the pictures you take here will be totally appropriate for anyone’s viewing (you can’t say that about all stagettes!).

To add to the fun, involve a dress code in the outing by asking your guests to wear big, floral skirts and over-the-top hats, or take things even further by incorporating an Alice in Wonderland theme to the day. Invite guests with Alice in Wonderland-themed tags, pick up skeleton key charms as favours, and send them home with bags of Eat Me cookies or Meringue Mushrooms (don’t worry, they won’t have the same effects as the mushrooms in the cartoon).

Secret Garden Tea Co. photo by diane.ty


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