Amanda and Jamie’s Wedding

By Heidi Turner

On a beautiful September afternoon, Amanda Cavalheiro and Jamie Ker were married in a small ceremony held in a tent outside the clubhouse at the Nicklaus North Golf Course in Whistler, and the wedding was truly their own from the overall theme (informal and fun) to little details like the guest book.

“We decided to have a more informal wedding because we figured it suited our personalities better,” Amanda says “Neither of us wanted a big formal wedding, and we both wanted something that was outside. We went up [to Whistler] a couple of days before to settle in, as did family and some friends. We tried to make it more of a weekend, so people could get to know one another beforehand.”

That weekend included a rugby game and a brunch the morning after the wedding— two great ideas if you’re looking for a way to fit more fun for your guests into the festivities—but the highlight, of course, was the wedding and its many personal touches. In fact, the bride and groom had a hand in almost every aspect, making and decorating the cupcakes and wedding cake, the invitations and programs, the seating cards and the party favours.

“We ended up doing a lot of the decorating ourselves because, as it turned out, it was a lot easier,” Amanda says. Her advice for other brides on how to cut down on DIY stress is to work on wedding projects over the course of several months leading up to the wedding, instead of leaving everything for the last few weeks. She and Jamie took six months to complete their DIY wedding tasks and it made the entire process more enjoyable.

To do the cake and cupcake decorating, Amanda took 4-week cake decorating classes at Michael’s Craft Store (a great idea if you’re looking to save on the cake costs or simply to learn a lifelong skill). She also bought invitations and programs at Michael’s Craft Store and she and Jamie printed them at home.

Rather than having a formal guest book, guests were given sheets of paper where they could write their wishes for the couple, with extra space left on the paper so guests could draw something for Amanda and Jamie and so a picture of each person could be attached to his or her sheet of paper.

One of the most touching details came during the ceremony, when guests were given a rock and asked to hold the rock in their hands and think a wish for the bride and groom. The rocks were then collected and Amanda and Jamie keep them in a glass jar in their living room.

In the end Amanda says she was happy with how everything went.
“Everything turned out really well. Nothing went wrong that I am aware of.” Of course, like every bride, she can impart a little advice in hindsight.
“The only thing I might change would be to have the wedding a little earlier [in the day]. That way I would have had a chance to visit with guests a little more and the photo session would have been a little longer.”

{all images copyright of Crystal Brown Photography}


Photographer: Crystal Brown Photography
Ceremony venue: Nicklaus North Golf Course
Reception venue/Caterer: Nicklaus North Golf Course restaurant
Purchased at Michaels and printed by the bride and groom
Cake: Made by bride
Dress: Purchased at a New Westminster bridal shop


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