Prettier than Pearls

Don’t get us wrong, the quintessential pearl and diamond look can be great for you wedding day, it’s truly classic and timeless. But there’s also nothing wrong with mixing it up a bit for you big day. After all, chances are your dress will be white—or some variation of it—so jewelry is one area where you can actually add a bit of color interest.

Beyond the added flair that a more festive piece of jewelry will give you on your wedding day, there’s the joy of creating a keepsake item that you’ll always reach for with fond memories, and we can’t think of better pieces to make into keepsakes than the works of Vancouver-based jewelry designer Amanda Vogler.

Weddings are actually the reason Vogler ended up designing jewelry in the first place, with a piece she designed for her sister’s wedding inspiring her to create a entire line. Now you can find her jewelry at Vancouver stores like Blue Ruby and The Cross (our personal favorite), and she’s been featured in publications like the Georgia Straight and on celebs like Jessica Alba and Sarah McLachlan.

Check out Vogler’s earrings and necklaces online at The Cross website (the Grey Moonstone Drippy would add serious elegance to any sleek satin gown) and prepare to be seduced by each sparkling peice.


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