Block Party

We’ve seen some seriously creative takes on table names/numbers for weddings—everything from books to basketball teams—and they’re a great way to inject a personal touch into your table decor.

One idea we’re loving right now is handmade wooden block centerpieces from The Letter K Design, an online shop run by North Vancouver-based Kate Whyte (you can also find her work in Wed in Vancouver-favorite The Cross and Jack and Lola). Whyte draws all of the graphics featured on the birch blocks by hand, and the images include  everything from birds to scooters and artichokes.

If you’re looking for something a little more traditional (but different than actual numbers), try the alphabet blocks (seen above) and tie them into your seating chart with images of their corresponding examples—i.e. a crow alongside a C. Tuck the blocks in near a lower flower arrangement on the table to keep it from looking too lonely (the cheerful pastels of the blocks will keep them visible enough for your guests).

You can also order custom-designed blocks from the Letter K Design, but make sure to order in advance so there’s plenty of time for your handcrafted table names to be created.


One response to “Block Party

  1. I just happen to stumble upon this blog and I feel so blessed to be blogged about. Thanks so much and truly the thing I love most is that I’ve found a new site to read and keep up with. Nice work, and thanks again.
    Kate Whyte

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