Highbrow Threading

You might be so caught up in wedding planning by this point that you actually laugh out loud at taking the time worry about something as small as eyebrows, especially when you’ve got bigger fish to fry (like getting the caterer to settle on a fish to fry), but finding an extra 20 minutes in you pre-wedding schedule for a bridal brow shaping is well worth it. The place to do it? The newly opened Bombay Brow Bar in Yaletown.

A swanky (but still inviting) little spot located on Mainland Street, Bombay Brow Bar is focused on brows and brows alone, and that means you end up with perfect arches every time.

Threading is the only brow hair removal option at Bombay Brow Bar, and that’s all good in our books since waxing can be harsh on the eye area (not to mention a little less precise). When you come in for your service, you’ll also get a seriously stress-relieving forehead and eyebrow massage, followed by a rosewater eye gel application that will leave you in a state of bliss and beautiful brows. Not bad for $23.

They offer a Bombay Bridal Bash for wedding parties, but we recommend booking a Bombay Bollywood Party as part of your stagette instead (in case there’s any post-shaping redness). You can book another touch up a few days before your wedding for any stray hairs that reappear.

Bombay Brow Bar
1056 mainland street
604-683-BROW (2769)


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