Putting the Weird in Weddings

There’s definitely a point in wedding planning where things can get to be too much. Where you think you’ll scream if you have to sort out even one more detail and you start to wonder whether it would’ve been better to just elope.

At that point we recommend you pick up a copy of Veiled Remarks by Melissa Anderson Sweazy. Far from another guide to planning the perfect wedding (one worthy of even Martha Stewart’s strict standards), Veiled Remarks distracts you from some of the tedious tasks at hand with wedding facts and trivia that range from fascinating and fun to downright weird and creepy. Along the way you’ll hear the tale of a jilted bride and learn more than a little about the history of marriage.

In addition to laughable old-fashioned advice in the book (like these tips on being a good wife), there are a lot of superstitions about weddings, a few of which could be fun woven into a wedding—provided they weren’t taken too seriously.

Although it’s not available in Chapters, you can pick up Veiled Remarks on amazon.ca for less than $15. Not a bad price to pay to regain a little of your sanity and sense of humour.


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