The Hippest Headdress

Okay, so Ban.Do isn’t a Vancouver (or even Canadian) brand. We’re willing to send you to a shopping site in the States when it comes to anything this gorgeous.

Ban.Do is famous for their positively swoon-worthy bridal headwear, which variates away from the usual veils to oversized floral headbands, glittering crystal hairpins, and retro birdcage veils. Their most recent collection, however, has us even more enamored than usual.

Called Black Label, their latest line features whimsical and eclectic pieces that wouldn’t just add to an ensemble, but would practically make the whole look—plus the red-haired model has us ready to reach for a box of dye.

Try a more demure headband like the “Bridal Couture” style featured above if you’re looking for something subtle or the forest-friendly “She Lives a Fairy Tale” if you want to add a truly unique flair to your wedding outfit. And don’t forget to check out the belts while you’re at it (they’re an easy way to add interest to a plain dress).

Don’t worry about having to trek to Los Angeles to pick up your piece, either—Ban.Do happily ships internationally (we wouldn’t tease you with these beauties if you couldn’t them here!).


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