Married Go Round

We don’t know anyone who doesn’t get a little nostalgic when they see an antique carousel, and the feelings of whimsy and fun they bring up are pretty much perfectly suited to weddings. So in today’s post we’re tipping you off to one of the only places in the lower mainland to find a carousel (and involve it in your wedding!).

It’s a vintage CW Parker Carousel located at the Burnaby Village Museum, and it’s got all the requisite elements—galloping steads in their finest attire and carnival-appropriate light bulbs glowing overhead as you glide around.

If you’re interested in a touch of carnival aesthetic for your entire wedding (not as strange as it sounds!), you can rent the Carousel Pavilion (max capacity is 250) for less than $1,000, but one the best ways we can think of to incorporate a carousel in your wedding is to plan a visit for your engagement photos.

During the closed season you’ll have to rent the carousel if you want to shoot there, but for all other times you’ll only have to pay admission—a bargain at $11.70. Aim for early on a weekday to avoid crowds in the background of your engagement photos, and don’t forget to stop by the old fashioned ice cream parlour for a few shots on the way out.


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