Five Great Local Liquors

By now we’ve all heard the benefits of eating local—it’s better for the environment, the food is fresher, things are cheaper—and a lot of Vancouver’s caterers now make it a point to include nearby nibbles in their wedding menus, so you may have already addressed the issue for your wedding food. But what about the drinks?

You’ve probably already sampled a local wine (or two or three or…fifty) and chances are you’ve stopped in for a local brew from one of our many breweries, but you’re probably still reaching for the imports when it comes to liquors. Your wedding is the perfect day to change that! You’ll be doing the planet a favor and guests will appreciate the specialty sippers. Here are five of our favorite local liquors that are perfect for weddings.

Schramm Vodka from Pemberton Distillery

When it comes to weddings, you can’t go wrong with vodka for signature cocktails. Especially when it’s an organic version made in Pemberton that won Spirit of the Year at the 2010 World Spirits Award. Try it with muddled organic strawberries, lemon and agave syrup ala Nuba restaurant for a healthier, greener take on the wedding cocktail.

Crab Apple Dessert Wine from Elephant Island Orchard Wines

You might not be thinking of involving a dessert wine in your liquor lineup, but it’s worth it for this creative, crisper take on the after-dinner drink. Mix it up in Elephant Island Orchard’s own Rosemary Swizzle using the liquor that’s next in our list for a signature cocktail that will wow even serious foodie guests.

Victoria Gin from Victoria Spirits

Everything is romantic about this one, from the label to the fact that it’s handmade in small batches in a wood-fired still. Ten botanicals (including rose petal!) add to the appeal. You could use it in the Rosemary Swizzle above or go for retro romance in the French 75, which is topped with sparkling wine. Don’t forget to check out their bitters for your wedding bar too.

Huckleberry Liquer from Okanagan Spirits

Another gold medal winner at the World Spirit Awards, this liquer is chock full of locally-harvested huckleberries and—big bonus—antioxidants. Huckleberries are a B.C. staple so it’s a worthy local addition, and if you incorporate it into a Thyme Margarita (sub it for the blackberry liquer), guests will really rave.

Aquavitus from Okanagan Spirits

A Scandinavian specialty, aquavit includes plenty of botanicals, but the taste is spicier and heavier on the Caraway than the Juniper (like in gin). This local blend is supposed to be on the of the best, and incorporated in a Red Erik it would be an excellent signature cocktail that’s more suited to men (no floral pink flavors here).


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