Win Free Traceycakes Cupcakes

The only thing we love more than cupcakes? Free cupcakes. If you can’t get enough of the cute cakes either, you’ll be excited to learn that Traceycakes Bakery is running a contest where you can win free cupcakes for your wedding.

Entering is simple: just write your love story in 500 words or less and e-mail it to or drop it off at either of the Traceycake’s bakeries. If you’re selected, you’ll receive 100 cupcakes or 200 babycakes (the perfect bite size) for your wedding. Just make sure to get your entry in by May 21st.

If you don’t end up with the coveted cupcake prize, you can still order your own Traceycakes for your wedding (they won’t be free, but they’ll still be oh-so-delicious). There’s a long list of cakes and frostings you can mix and match, but if you’re not sure what suits your sweet tooth, we recommend you stop in and sample a few  in-store creations to get inspired—perhaps the nutella-filled Hedgehog or the Cosmopolitan with cranberry buttercream frosting.

The Traceycakes bakeries also offers catering, including their high tea, which is incredibly budget-friendly at just $15/person and could be perfect for an afternoon garden reception.


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