Vintage Style Dress for Less

If you’re on the hunt for a wedding dress that won’t blow your entire wedding day budget but is every bit as unique as you are, you have to get a little more creative. Bridal shops will be dominated with satin sheaths, thrift shops can be wildly hit or miss (we’re always envious of those brides who find the perfect frock for under $50), and custom dresses—although a great option—sometimes just don’t fit the time line.

Your best friend in the hunt for your budget-friendly gown? The internet, of course. You just have to broaden your search and avoid judging a web page by its design. Some sites won’t be the most impressive or have the flashiest photographs, but that doesn’t mean they won’t have a dress that could be a perfect fit for you. Case in point, this antique style 1930s-esque dress from Unique Vintage. Price tag ? $258 USD. You’ll pay a little extra for Canadian shipping ($28) but it’s less than the tax on most dresses you’d purchase here at home.

The prom gowns and some of the other slightly over-the-top creations on the  not-actually-vintage site might scare you, but this vintage dress is a diamond in the rough. There’s beautiful bead work, floaty layers at the bottom, and a neckline that’s both demure and sexy. It’s as far from being a satin sheath as it is from blowing the bank.

We love the idea of pairing this gown with an updo full of soft curls and some perfectly applied lipstick (in deep red if you’re bold enough).


One response to “Vintage Style Dress for Less

  1. leocheungblog

    cool i like this dress! I live in Vancouver too

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