Something To Talk About

In a perfect world. all your guests would get along and as soon as they sat down in those assigned seats, the conversation would be flowing as freely as the pinot. In this world? Many people get a little awkward when they’re surrounded by people they don’t know and expected to make it through a two-hour dinner.

Squelch any impending uncomfortable silences by picking up a pack of Ice Breaker Wedding Reception Cards by Magpie Paper Works. Each set contains 50 cards with questions like “If you could wake up tomorrow morning as any member of The Brady Bunch, who would you choose to be and why?” and “What is your best bad boss story?” that are easy for any guest to answer. Plus, the cards themselves are handcrafted from eco-friendly high quality cardstock that won’t bring down your table decor.

Set a stack on each table and you’ll be doing your part to ensure your guest have a good time before the dancing even gets going.


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