Edible Art from Anna Elizabeth Cakes

Believe us when we say that we can appreciate an amazing wedding cake (truthfully, we’ve browsed through Vancouver wedding cake sites like we were window shopping at Holt Renfrew), but what we can, arguably, appreciate even more is a taking a different approach to your wedding day dessert. And no, we don’t mean cupcakes.

We’re talking cookies, ladies, and not just any cookies, but little work of art cookies (literally). The uber-talented Anna over at Anna Elizabeth Cakes is creating some of the most impressive edibles we’ve ever seen (and they’re delicious to boot), including a sweet take on some of Van Gogh’s greatest works, like Starry Night.

Not as into the art scene? Anna Elizabeth Cakes does a range of cookie aesthetics, from the more modern to the quirky (like Batman cookies, which, really, could be pretty perfect in lieu of a groom’s cake), plus cakes that rival even the Louboutin section at Holts…and that’s no easy task.


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