Make Way For Macarons

Sorry cupcakes, it looks like you’re losing your position as the “it” dessert. Your fierce competitor? The macaron (not to be confused with coconut macaroons which aren’t really on the gourmet food radar).

If there was any doubt as to the macaron’s new title, the Vancouver Sun erased it by proclaiming 2012 the “year of the macaron”. And, it makes sense. Macarons are delicate and carefully crafted, and far harder to come by than a cupcake (don’t even get us started on whipping up your own batch of macarons). Plus, they’re just plain pretty…and that’s what makes them a natural for weddings.

You can incorporate macarons in your wedding cake design, as we’re starting to see some wedding cake makers do (examples here, here and here), serve them on cake platters and trays instead of a candy buffet, or pack them up for favors (find DIY macaron favor packaging here and here). Or just look to the Laduree flavors pictured above for wedding color scheme inspiration.

Find high-quality macarons for your wedding at Thierry Chocolates, Thomas Haas and Ganache Patisserie.


3 responses to “Make Way For Macarons

  1. Or we’d be happy to do up macarons for your wedding as well!

  2. If you’re a DIY kinda bride, bring all your bridesmaids to a Macaron Baking Bridal Shower Party.

    Learn the secrets of the Macarons from Mademoiselle Macaron who learned the art from le Cordon Bleu in Paris.

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