Beauty And The Bride: Five Must-Haves For Your Honeymoon

There’s no question that you’ve thought about exactly how you want to look on your wedding day (glowing and gorgeous, right?), but we’re guessing you haven’t put much thought into how you want to look for the honeymoon that follows. Obviously you want to still be stunning for your new husband, but you also want to relax and enjoy your well-earned wedding vacation…without worrying about messing up your makeup.

Today we’ve got five genius products that are well worth packing in your already-stuffed honeymoon bags. They’ll keep you gorgeous whatever the weather or activity and require very little work.

1. Tocca Beauty Giulietta Solid Fragrance, $33.00 CAD

Even new brides can get a little funky smelling after several hours on a plane and a few hours in seriously humid weather, and, out of respect for our fellow travelers, we’re not ones to shower ourselves in a mist of our favorite sprays. Instead, this floral solid fragrance—inspired by romantic vacations in Corsica—is delicate enough that it won’t overpower sensitive noses and will keep you smelling sweet all day (and night).

2. LORAC SelfTANtalizer Bronzing Gradual Self Tanner and Mitt, $45.00 CAD

A golden glow is a miracle worker when it comes to looking good without a lot of effort. But, we’ve heard enough horror stories about skin cancer to avoid doing it the old fashioned way. This new vanilla-scented lotion does double duty as an instant bronzer (that won’t transfer) and gradual tanner. The mitt makes it easy to apply and prevents the dreaded streaking, while natural oils keep you moisturized. End result? You look amazing laying by the pool or laying around in less clothing in the room.

3. Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel, $9.00

Please do us a favor and don’t schlep full-sized bottles of hair care products across the globe with you. It’s not worth it, trust us. Especially when you can carry on versions of stellar products like this heat-activated gel. Use a little before you blow dry and forget about frizz (even if temperatures soar or you’re caught in a tropical rainstorm). You get sleek, touchable hair and you don’t have to go over three ounces to do it.

4. Ole Henriksen Truth To Go Makeup Removing Wipes, $19.00 CAD

While you might be planning to go very minimal on your honeymoon, you’ll probably swipe on some mascara and dust on some blush at some point, and these wipes will take it off at the end of the day in a miraculous way. That means you don’t have to lug little bottles of oil or liquid remover that can leak all over your luggage. Better yet, you don’t have to rinse after using these wipes, so they’re perfect for use on the plane or when you’re too tired to get out of bed. We’ve even found that the ingredients in the remover seem to make our skin look better, no moisturizer or toner required.

5. Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo, about $16.49 CAD at most Shoppers Drug Marts

In case you can’t bring yourself to spend extra time lathering up your hair in the shower, this dry shampoo gets rid of greasy roots, leaving you with blow-out volume (and none of the tell-tale powder residue that some dry shampoos have). You’ll get a lot of use out of it if you’re planning a more adventurous honeymoon—hiking the Himalayas, anyone?—but it also works to give you a boost of volume and texture on freshly washed hair.


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