Something Very Vintage

The vintage trend isn’t going away any time soon, and we’re glad because we’re kind of crazy about it. That said, we’re not as crazy about trying to source vintage items for weddings. The reality is that it’s a lot harder than most people think. Garage sale finds are few and far between and antique stores, while full of great goodies, can quickly blow a budget.

While you might not expect it, online can often be the cheapest option (and requires far less city-wide scouring for the perfect piece).

Our latest find is Jen’s Dream Vintage, an Etsy shop based out of Surrey that is full of fun vintage items that could complement a range of vintage wedding styles.

We can totally see the vintage book “instant collections” tied into a wedding with a literary twist or the turquoise wood candlesticks worked into a farmhouse fete. Plus, the vintage Canadian grade school books and Stanley thermos are pretty much screaming “engagement photos” (you might remember seeing a similar thermos in our Hot Chocolate wedding inspiration board).

If that wasn’t enough to have you giving up on garage sale-ing, you should know the shop owner will deliver—for free!—within a 10K range (and occasionally to other areas in the lower mainland).


4 responses to “Something Very Vintage

  1. This is a lovely post, thank you!

  2. yeah well deserved recognition….

  3. Molly

    Thanks for focusing on this wonderful seller! Her shop is gorgeous!!!

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