A Twist For A Tea Party Stagette

A tea party can be the perfect stagette for the bride who doesn’t want to get too wild (and is always ready to don a fancy hat), but what if the guest of honor—and the rest of the girls—want something just a little more lively? Serve your tea party with a twist. A fun future-leaning twist at The Urban Tea Merchant, specifically.

The hot (in both senses) tea spot is now offering weekly tea leaf readings. The readings are held on Thursdays at The Urban Tea Merchant’s downtown location from 5:15 to 6:45 pm.

Our suggestion is to gather your gals for afternoon tea downtown and book the champagne tea service (a tea-infused glass of prosseco will help liven things up). After you’re done nibbling your way through delicate treats and ladylike sandwiches, and have had almost as much tea as you can take, finish with a final cup for the tea leaf reading.

Pair the whole event with some fantastic fascinators (try Blair Nadeau Millinery for over-the-top headwear) and maybe a couple more glasses of bubbly after the tea, and we guarantee you’ll see nothing but fun in your future when you look at your leaves.

P.S. Like this stagette idea but want to do it on a smaller budget? Pick up a tea leaf reading kit and host the tea party at home (you can even provide supplies for guests to make their own Royal Wedding-worthy hats).


One response to “A Twist For A Tea Party Stagette

  1. thank you so much for the mention!!!

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