Chocolate Love


We would marry chocolate if we could (sorry spouses!), so it’s kind of natural that we’d want to incorporate it into wedding decor. Thankfully, Montreal-based studio Dynamo is giving us a new wedding-friendly chocolate option in their Typochocolate bars.

The Typochocolate bars feature a variety of impressive typography engraved in huge slabs of gourmet chocolate, and the wording immediately had us thinking wedding.

You could pick up the Tout Commence Maintenant dark chocolate with sea salt bar as a small groom’s gift and wedding day message in one (it means “everything starts now”). Or, you could present your wedding party with the Best Day Ever bar in 50 percent dark chocolate and vanilla. You could even go all out and use all the bars (the others, a milk chocolate and a dark slab with nougat, say “Oui? Oui” and “Heck Yes”) at your reception. We think they’d make very creative table markers or favors.

Don’t fret that these bars are all beauty and no flavor, either. Dynamo teamed up with the talented Suite 88 Chocolatier to make some seriously tasty sweets.

Order the limited edition bars in packs of two at the Dynamo online store. Just don’t let yourself eat them all before the big day…


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