Five Bridal Hangers Worthy Of Holding Your Gown

There are so many big things  to remember when wedding planning, and it’s understandable that smaller details sometimes slip through the cracks. Sometimes, however, it’s so worth devoting some of your limited time (and budget) to sweating the small stuff. Hangers are a perfect example.

Hangers don’t usually crosses your mind until the moment that you’re looking through photos from the big day, and then it’s too late to do anything about the plastic hanger detracting from that gorgeous shot of your gown. Our advice? Take a moment now and find a hanger that’s going to hold up to photographic immortality.

Here are five of our favorites.

1. Shabby Chic Bridal Hanger by My Fair Maiden, $39.00 CAD

Sometimes more is more, and the feathers, buttons, and miniature roses decorating this shabby chic hanger are not going to disappoint in your pictures. We love the idea of a simple lace gown hanging off of it (maybe for a sweet countryside wedding?).

2. Vintage Wood Advertising Hanger from Morgen Bladet, $15.00 USD

One for the groom (even if he doesn’t notice it, you will in pictures of his not-yet-donned suit). It’s simple with a ruggedly suave look. Plus, the “mens, young mens and boys clothing” emblazoned on the side are fitting to your guy and his groomsmen.

3. Customized Glitter Hanger by Betty Anne Productions, $25.00 USD

Need more flash? This should do it—without going gaudy. You can choose custom wording like a name (or a couple sentimental words for the two of you) and let your old-world movie star dress rest on something as glamorous as it is.

4. Customized Wooden Bridal Hanger by My Amber Coloured World, $25.00 CAD

Sometimes we’re all for going classic. Especially when it’s classic done just right. These customized wooden bridal hangers have beautiful, carefully crafted lettering and can be taken slightly more fanciful with the addition of a handmade satin ribbon Swarovski crysal Aster flower. Feeling generous? Get one for each of your maids in their names (and make sure to alert the photographer).

5. Painted French Hanger from My French Cottage, $27.50 USD

Still searching for something blue? This bridal hanger should do. It’s country French at its best, and we think just about any setting and dress would work with the fun pop of color (a not-so-common find on most hangers).


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