Vancouver Wedding and Honeymoon Spring Show

If you’re not planning to travel out to Fort Langley for the Fraser Valley Wedding Swap this Sunday, there’s another option closer to the downtown core that might interest you.

It’s the Vancouver Wedding & Honeymoon Spring Show, and it’s a worthwhile wedding show if you’re a bride who’s equally interested in planning the post-nuptial vacation.

Where most wedding shows only feature vendors focused on the big day, the bi-annual Vancouver Wedding & Honeymoon Shows brings in a whole host of travel-related vendors who can help you decide where to honeymoon (and even get you a better rate on the trip).

You can mull over a Hawaiian journey at the Big Island Tourism booth, contemplate the Cook Islands with Crown Beach Resort and Spa, plan a desert getaway at Montelucia Resort and Spa, or just get help from the experts at Travel By Design. And, of course, you can research photographers, decor options and venues for the actual wedding too.

Just think of it as a day trip around the globe (with a little wedding planning on the side).


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