Advice From The Editor: Why You Should Listen To Yourself When It Comes To Your Wedding

Last week I was on a plane back from New York and was entertaining myself with the New York Magazine crossword puzzle. Part way through the flight, the stranger sitting next to me started leaning over my tray table and trying to figure out the answers for himself. And that, my friends, is what planning your wedding is like.

You’ll hear endless statements about how it’s “your day” and to “do what makes you happy”, but people can’t seem to help throwing in their own ideas on how your big day should go as soon as you mention the event.

Now, sometimes this is nice—after all, it’s always good knowing people care—and sometimes it’s even helpful (especially friends offering to contribute their skills), but a lot of times it’s just plain frustrating. You’re probably choosing the type of wedding you’re choosing because it’s what appeals to you (at least I hope you are), and nonstop opinions on doing it differently can be incredibly tiring.

You’ll be tempted to listen too, if you’re anything like me. At a certain point or with certain people, you’ll start to waver on what you were planning, and I’m going to urge you to go with your original instinct. Even if everyone else is telling you otherwise.

Many of the elements I wanted for my own wedding received critique (“that sounds really complicated” was said to me so often it should have been my name), but those elements were some of my favorite when all was said and done.

So, if you want a tiny wedding with four people or crave a huge bash with hundreds, if you insist on a 12-course feast or want to only serve sandwiches, do what youwant. You know you the best anyway.



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