Beauty And The Bride: Brow Wow

While the eyes get a lot of love from beauty editors and makeup artists, we think the eyebrows are an equally important element of your visage on your wedding day. The perfect eyebrows can make you look younger, your eyes look bigger, and your whole appearance more elegant, and the opposite is also true (check out this roundup of good and bad brows if you don’t believe us).

Not only do well-shaped eyebrows make a big difference, they’re verylittle effort, which is exactly the kind of beauty equation we love. So, brides-to-be, you have no excuse not to rock enviable eyebrows on your big day and every one leading up to it.

Here’s what you need to know.

First, focus on shape. There’s a simple formula for shaping eyebrows: Using an eye pencil, make an invisible line from the outer edge of your nostril to your eyebrow. That’s where your eyebrow should start. Next, place the pencil at the center of your nose and rotate so it goes across the center of your pupil and to the brow, that’s where the highest part of your arch should be. Finally, hold the pencil against the outer edge of your nose and angle to the corner of the eye to find where your brow should end.

Sound complicated? That’s why there are experts. For eyebrow threading in Vancouver, we like Bombay Brow Bar. For eyebrow waxing in Vancouver, we like Sugarbox.

Once your brows are beautifully arched, all you need to do is groom them and give them a little oomph. The easiest—and most effective—tool we’ve found is the Origins Fill In The Blanks eyebrow pencil, which is thin-tipped, slightly waxy and comes in very natural looking blonde and brunette shades (sorry redheads!). The spool brush on the other end of the pencil works perfectly to work the color through and keep each hair in place.

One last piece of advice: Start figuring out your perfect brows now, so that if you have any mishaps, you’ll have time to get them back in great shape before the big day.


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