Preowned Wedding Dress Roundup 04/10/12

Today’s preowned wedding dresses that we’ve rounded up all share a common element: They’re uncommon. Creative silhouettes and detailing make them not only beautiful but unusual, and wearing one will definitely help you stand out from the pack.

1. Lillen Collection, $1,600/originally $3,300

 In line with all things unique, wearing a dress from a Vancouver design house is rare in itself (we don’t have that many wedding dresses designers hanging around Lotusland), but this gorgeous gown is born and bred right here. The flowery strap shouts “summer” to us, and we love that you can wear it shawl style (as shown), one-sided, or not at all (it’s removable). You can check out more photos of the dress on another bride at this stunning vineyard wedding in Osoyoos.

2. Alvina Valenta 9709, $750/originally $2,000+

Pleats are a modern twist on ruffles and the ones on this gown are perfect for a bride who doesn’t want to go too girly, but still wants a soft silhouette. The scallop detailing near the bottom pleated ruffles is an extra touch that will turn heads as you walk away.

3. Jenny Packham Cleopatra, $2,000/originally $4,000

 Yes, you can finally get Jenny Packham here in Vancouver at Bisou Bridal, but you’ll save a lot by buying this one. Not to mention, you’ll score a glamorous vintage-looking gown with beaded detailing and a neckline that can do wonders for a smaller bust.

4. Mikaella 1551, $950/originally $2,156

 Can a petite bride out there please purchase this bargain of a dress and send us pictures of her wearing it at the wedding? We love the fit, the tulle and the ruching, and also the way the current owner wore it an a retro way (that red lipstick!). You may want to hire a seamstress for a tiny amount of work on the delicate tulle, but the bigger obstacle is you’ll have to be 5’2″ or under.

5. Kirstie Kelly Jasmine, $1,200/originally $2,300

 Are you a bride who can’t help wanting to look like a princess on her big day? This gown is designed with that exact purpose (it’s modeled after Princess Jasmine from Aladdin) and it’s soft, swishy and totally destination appropriate. It can be worn strapless or with the criss-cross spaghetti straps the owner had added (they’ll prevent you from the dreaded all-night “tug up”).

One note: As with anything for sale online, it’s important to buy smart. Use an online money service to pay for your dress (PayPal and are good options) or meet the bride in person—with a friend.


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