There’s Treasure At Trove Vintage Rentals

Vintage wedding styling isn’t going anywhere anytime soon (trust us), but if you’re thinking of incorporating it in your big day bash, we have to warn you that finding all those gorgeous old items isn’t easy—or cheap. A better solution than scouring every antique store and garage sale? Rent your decor from Trove Vintage Rentals.

Trove Vintage Rentals is based here in Vancouver (but delivers all over the lower mainland), and it’s the first of its kind for our city.

You can find the ideal yesteryear seating for your ceremony (maybe rustic benches or even old movie theater seats), a perfectly weathered table for gifts, or even the perfect getaway mode of transportation (think of the photos!). And that’s just to name a few of the goodies.

Better still, if you love everything you see at Trove Vintage Rentals, but have no idea how you would make it all work for your wedding, Trove can also be hired for event styling (as little or as much of it as you’d like). Plus, they hand make decor items like garlands, backdrops and signage, if you’re looking for something more.

You can check out the products available for rent here, browse some of their beautiful work, and stay up to date on their blog.


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