It’s What’s Underneath That Counts

If you’d rather splurge on wedding night underpinnings than an expensive designer dress (or want to do both), you need to get yourself to Holt Renfrew and stroll straight into the new Agent Provocateur boutique, where we checked out so many gorgeous delicately-sewn pieces we began to wonder why anyone wears anything else.

The new department store location replaces the Alberni Street location that closed down, and it features everything you’d expect in the famous lingerie shop (meaning you’ll find what you need, whether that’s a sweet lace bra and panty set or something that features tassels and leather). We’re, naturally, loving the bridal line, which is featured above and starts at $110 CAD.

We guarantee you’ll get plenty of approval for your purchase from your new hubby on your wedding night, but you can get a little more mileage out of what you spent on skimpy underthings by booking a boudoir photography session (we recommend Jennifer Williams). Capturing yourself in all your Agent Provocateur glory for all of time? Best gift you can get a groom.


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