Serious Flower Power

Girls, we have fallen in love with a flower shop. Yes, we know it’s kind of a given considering that almost every woman loves flowers, but this shop is extra dreamy and we think it could be the one.

It’s called the Olla Urban Flower Project, and every arrangement we’ve seen from them is kind of amazing. Think the perfect balance between wild and simple, creative and classic. But, it’s not just the gorgeous creations that have us gushing, it’s the responsibility Olla Urban Flower Project feels about everything floral. They buy local, urban and ethically-traded flowers—conventional flowers can be a nightmare in terms of pesticides, emissions and working conditions for farmers—provide job opportunities to DTES residents, grow their own organic flowers, compost their green waste, and donate event flowers to DTES charities.

Basically, these are flowers you can feel good about.

Ready to get them working on your wedding? Just stop into the shop for a free consultation (and maybe a Mother’s Day gift for Mom). We’d also suggest, however, that you join them for their DIY Boutonniere and Corsage-making workshop this Sunday, where you might be able to learn enough to deck out your guy and his groomsmen in your own floral creations.


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