Beauty And The Bride: Five Beauty Routines To Start Well Before The Big Day

Usually when you think about beauty tips for your wedding, you think of makeup advice and the best brands or how to style your hair, but there are some beauty routines that can make you feel even more beautiful on the big day, except for one catch: They have to be started well in advance of your wedding.

Here are five that can have big pay off (provided your willing to put the time in now).

1. Latisse

Okay, we have to start by clarifying that we’re not advocating Latisse to everyone. The reality is that it can occasionally have some undesirable side effects (darkening around the application area, for one), and it stops working when you stop using it. That said, if you’ve always hated your sparse lashes and a coat of mascara is not going to cut it on your wedding day, this will give you those lush lashes you’ve always envied. Just expect about four months before you see the full results.

2. Aesop Rose Hair & Scalp Moisturizing Masque

We all wants a gorgeous mane, whether we’re planning wearing it up or down for the wedding day, and the key to achieving that is giving your hair a little extra love. You just can’t leave it to the last minute. If you start applying this moisturizing hair masque weekly now, you’ll be rewarded with shinier, stronger hair (and a scalp less likely to flake).

3. Chamomile Hair Rinse

If you want your highlights (natural or otherwise) at their finest for your wedding day, chamomile is a great way to bring out the lighter tones. Just brew the flowers with some boiling water, let cool and do a final rinse with the mixture after you’ve shampooed your hair (don’t rinse the chamomile solution out!). Do this about once a week up until the wedding, and you’ll look like you actually had free time to go out in the sun.

4. Crest Professional Effects Whitening Strips

Hopefully you’ll be doing a lot of smiling when you get hitched (so much that your cheeks will start to hurt), and you’ll be much happier if your whites are nice and pearly in the photos. This is the favorite whitening method of the girls here at WiV because it noticeably whitens (more than we can say for many of them) without irritating your mouth. Use the strips right away and use a good whitening toothpaste—we like Rembrandt Deeply White with peroxide—for upkeep until the wedding.

5. Obagi Skin Care

Great skin is probably the thing brides are seeking most, and if you want to really make a dent on things like fine lines, age spots and hyperpigmentation, you have to take some time with it and invest in a powerful product. Obagi gets lots of raves (especially for hyperpigmentation) and is something you’ll want to do right away, as the initial stage is actually pretty scary looking (redness is a major first effect). Eventually, however, you’ll be left with the visage you’ve always wanted.


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