Advice From The Editor: Should You Do Your Own Wedding Makeup?

Having other people—even experts—do my makeup stresses me out. Maybe it’s the lack of control since I’m not the one wielding the brush or the fear about the worst (if I had a dollar for every woman I’ve seen walking out of M.A.C. with dark eyeshadow right up to her brows this would be called “Advice From The Wealthy Editor”). So, when my wedding was approaching I was faced with a bit of a dilemma. Hire an expert or stick with my own skills, which were decent but not as developed as I would have liked?

In the end, I settled on a compromise. I booked an appointment to get my makeup done at Sephora and decided to spend what I would have spent on a makeup artist on new makeup instead. That way if I hated the look they gave me, I wouldn’t be stuck with it in all my wedding photos, and I’d get to benefit from my cosmetic haul for more than just my wedding day.

Luckily I had a great makeup artist and learned tons of tips that helped me apply my makeup well on my wedding day (and every day since then). I also discovered some great products that have become staples of my makeup bag.

Would I recommend it to all brides? Not necessarily. There are some seriously talented makeup artists out there and if you happen to have discovered one, it can be a worthy investment. Also, if you never wear more than a coat of mascara (but want more of a “look” on your wedding day), you’ll likely want someone else taking charge.

If you’re fairly confident with your makeup knowledge, however, you can save a little money and skip the possibility of not recognizing yourself when you’re artist is done with you. Or of looking like this. That’s worth a little extra effort in my mind.



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