Preowned Wedding Dress Roundup 05/15/12

Today’s roundup of great “vintage” Vancouver dresses doesn’t fit a particular pattern. We have short, long, ruffled, sleek, and nothing looks very similar. The plus side of that? We think we have something for everyone. Happy hunting!

1. Melissa Sweet Lia, $1,250/originally $4,000

This dress is a cult classic, and for a long time it was impossible to find secondhand, but here’s one you can get your hands on that’s in like new condition. You’ll have to be petite, however, since it’s been fitted for a size zero.

2. Allure Bridal 8862, $700/originally $1,500

There’s so much swirly goodness in this dress that it can barely contain it. And that’s exactly what would make it a fun, fantastical dress for your wedding. Plus, you get a beautifully beaded accent drawing the eye in to the narrowest part of your waist.

3. Paloma Blanca 3860, $600/originally over $2,000

Looking for a seriously good deal? This is your dress. It’s 100 percent silk and there are fabric buttons running down the entire length of the dress. It’s a far cry from the ruffle-y wonder above, but perfect if your tastes are a little more subtle.

4. Pronovias , $499/originally $1,700

We love a dress you won’t see on lots of other brides, and this fits the bill since the current owner had the spaghetti straps removed to mimic the strapless v-neck that wowed women everywhere in the Sex And The City movie. It’s not the only interesting detail on the dress, either, with lace and beading doing their part too.

5. BCBG, $50/originally $250

A reception dress can be great for making it easier to dance and relax after the ceremony, but it can also be hard to justify splurging on a second dress. You won’t have to guilty about spending extra for this (it’s less than most dinners out!), and the pleated side detailing is a cool touch.

One note: As with anything for sale online, it’s important to buy smart. Use a trusted online money service to pay for your dress (PayPal and are good options) or meet the bride in person—with a friend.


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