Lovely Links For May 18th

{Photo by Maypole Studios}

We know it’s more than a month before it’s officially summer, but we’re already craving lemonade, road  trips to Tofino, and long evenings gathered around a grill…not to mention all the fun of full-blown wedding season. If the sun’s out this weekend we might just indulge ourselves and pretend it’s sweltering while we stroll the Seawall (it’s only denial if it’s actually raining).

Here are the links we’re loving from around the web this week:

+ Stamped antique spoons that would be perfect table markers (or gifts for your bridal party)

+ An engagement session so colorful and happy we wish we were part of it

+ Is it too early to be dreaming about wedding s’mores?

+ Need some help with your budget or your seating chart? There’s an app for that

+ We love the idea of making clip-on bow ties in a fun summer color or pattern for the groomsmen

+ Stunning engagement photos captured on Galiano Island

+ Hey fellas, Revel Events has some advice for planning your proposal (or you can hire them to do it!)

+ Feed your guests these “midnight snacks” and earn their love forever

+ We don’t think there are enough great getaways at weddings, but this will do the trick

Have so much fun this weekend!


One response to “Lovely Links For May 18th

  1. Thanks for the link! Have a beautiful weekend!

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