Not Your Average Officiants

Is it just us or can it be kind of daunting trying to find a wedding officiant? There’s that chance you’ll end up with someone who will stand up with you on the big day and stiffly perform a service so standard we could all recite it in our sleep.

And why should it be like that? Your ceremony is, arguably, the most meaningful part of your wedding day, and it should be about the two of you and who you really are—not a repetition of boiler plate text. It should make you feel something.

That’s why we’re so excited to have found Young, Hip & Married, a team of awesome wedding officiants who can make your wedding ceremony interesting and personal and who actually have some personality themselves.

Created by a young couple who seem pretty darn hip themselves, Young, Hip & Married also offers pre- and post-marital counseling and frequently takes to YouTube to give a little online advice.

If you’re looking for someone who can make your ceremony unique, we strongly suggest you take a look at all the different officiants available through Young, Hip & Married and set up a meeting (bonus points if you book Spider Man!).


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