Wedding Meals on Wheels

Could there be a less interesting question than “chicken or fish?”. It’s not that we hate the options, it’s that we’re bored of typical wedding food. Maybe it’s because it tries too hard to be fancy without being able to do it in the way that, say, West can, or maybe it’s because it makes us crave something more comforting.

Instead of banquet fare, we’d rather sit down to something we’d actually seek out in real life. Like Fresh Local Wild.

If you spend any time in the Financial District, you’ve probably seen the uber eco-friendly food truck dolling out delicious lunches and looking like a street food oasis in all its brushed aluminum and (very-Vancouver appropriate) red cedar. But that mobile mini restaurant has wheels for a reason, and that means you can book them as caterers too!

We can’t think of a fresher, tastier, more fun option for your intimate group of guests than a veggie-oil charged kitchen-on-the-move that serves up all things local and sustainable, like spot prawns (when in season) and Sawmill Bay oysters. Not convinced? Head over to Burrard and West Hastings, order the chanterelle mushroom poutine (with Quadra Island chanterelles) or the chicken-fried oyster po’ boy and let the food make up your mind for you.

So, while we might not normally get excited about “chicken or fish?” when that means an albacore tuna melt with tuna confit and jalapeno havarti or roasted chicken with blueberry goat cheese and garlic scapes, all bets are off.

Who’s ready for lunch?


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