Headdress Up

Lovelies, we’re starting the week with some serious pretty, and we think you’ll be as smitten with our latest find as we are. The source of all this stunning? Posh Veils, a collection of creative wedding veils and bridal headpieces from Toronto-based designer Sharon Chironda.

Now, we’re big fans of classic veils (and Posh Veils carefully crafts those too) but what’s really got us going is Chironda’s unique takes on the most common wedding accessory.

In fact, we swooned so much about the uniquely different styles, we had a hard time picking which ones we wanted to highlight for you. Here are our suggestions for the first few (but we know you’ll want to see them all once you check out a couple of these): The perfect accoutrement to a beach wedding with nautical elements, something to wear for a 60s-inspired wedding, a final touch for a fashion fiend, the natural choice for a royal bride, and a Kim Kardashian- reminiscent topper (no, it’s not bad luck!).

Hopefully you don’t have a hard time picking just one for your wedding. In the meantime, we’ll be trying to figure out how to work each into our daily attire!


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