Brushing Bride

Planning a stagette that all your favorite girls will enjoy (and be able to afford) is almost as difficult as sketching out your seating chart and finding the perfect gown, and if you want that stagette to be something different than the usual club-heavy evening with a plethora of tacky men’s member jewellery, it’s even trickier to figure out.

So we thought we’d make your life a little easier and offer up a suggestion that’s affordable, fun and totally free of anything over-the-top (we’re looking at you, penis-shaped pasta!). More specifically, we thought we’d point you in the direction of Raw Canvas Lounge in Yaletown.

Tucked into a tiny space along one of the neighborhood’s cobblestone roads, Raw Canvas  Lounge looks like we wish every Yaletown hang out did, with an industrial design but plenty of intimacy, and it’s far more fun than your typical wine bar.

Yes, you can sip on some impressive vino (we suggest you plan on a bottle of Nino Franco Prosecco for your gang) and take in some totally delicious charcuterie and cheese, but you can do it all while unleashing your inner Picasso or Emily Carr. And trust us when we say there’s nothing more fun than getting your hands dirty—and not in the greasy male dancer way—with a palette of pretty colors after a few great glasses of wine.

If your ladies were budgeting for something big, you can have everyone spring for their own canvases, but we love the idea of everyone pitching in to create one painting. As the bride, we’d say you get first dibs on keeping it, but having seen first hand what amateur alcohol-influence art can look like, we wouldn’t be surprised if you’ll end up passing on the privilege.

Find more information and make a reservation here.


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