Preserve Your Wedding Dress In Watercolors

After every wedding, brides face the same dilemma: What to do with the dress? On the one hand, you know you’re never going to wear it again (at least not out of the house or without heavy alterations), but on the other hand, you don’t want to give up all the good memories tied to the gown…or part with all that prettiness.

We think we’ve found the perfect compromise, and it’s a wedding dress painting from Laura Lavender.

Created custom for each bride and hand painted with watercolors, these little portraits immortalize your gown and let you display it where everyone can see it (without making you look crazy). Opt to have her add in your names and wedding date in calligraphy and you’ll even more of a reminder of the big day every time you walk by it.

You can find two different size options for the watercolor wedding dress paintings in the Laura Lavender shop, and while you’re browsing, it’s worth taking a moment to swoon over her custom calligraphy work (including “just married” signs for a swanky wedding getaway and custom maps that will incite awe over your invitations).


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