Five Of Our Favorite Maternity Bridesmaid Dresses

If you’re sharing your glowing bride-spotlight with a glowing mom-to-be, you might be fretting about figuring out a dress style that will work for your pregnant pal and the other gals who will be standing up there with you. We feel your pain (which, thankfully, is not nearly as bad as labor pain).

To save you and your baby-on-board bridesmaid from sleepless nights, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite maternity bridesmaid dress options. Only one is actually a maternity dresses but the others have the right style to suit a variety of shapes (even those with baby bellies).

1. Watters 9539

Welovethat this dress is totally on trend and unique, and while it’s not a maternity dress, women who aren’t far along should fit fine (and even bigger bellies may fit if you pull up the empire waist).

2. Ivy & Aster La La Lovely

Another dress that will work on any of your bridesmaids, the empire waist frees up space for a growing belly and the versatile scarf at front can also be used to create the one sleeve look or a shoulder wrap. A longer length will ward off any wardrobe malfunctions.

3. Narcissist Design Pamela

The Pamela dress from Vancouver-based Narcissist is famous in these parts (especially for weddings) and that’s because the 12 different ways it can be worn offer you the best chances of one dress truly pleasing everyone. Order up to accommodate baby and use the ties to give a great shape.

4. Kara Janx Frankie

The ruffled detail on the one strap of this dress will help balance all the attention that’s going to be drawn to the belly below it and the bell shape won’t squish baby-on-the-way. Don’t be afraid of the uber-vibrant pink color, Kara Janx makes the dress in a variety of shades.

5. Alfred Sung M406

Although this dress is more of a classic maternity style (and the only one that’s specifically for pregnant ladies), we like that it’s still sleek and sophisticated—and comfortable. Pick a shade and let your other bridesmaid picks their favorite styles in that same hue.


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