Lovely Links For June 15th

{image from the original Father Of The Bride film }

It’s Father’s Day weekend, dear readers, and we’re so excited to celebrate our dads and all they do. As we were talking about all things weddings and a few things Father’s Day this week, we realized that those of us who have already walked down the aisle felt more emotional about their fathers on the big day than any other day. There’s just something about walking those steps with the first main man in your life and parting at the end to take your place next to the “new guy” that feels so huge and brings to mind so much of what’s led up to that point. In short? Be prepared to be teary eyed.

On a less sentimental note, here are the links we’re loving from around the web this week:

+ UGG now has a wedding collection…for better or worse

+ Fun with feathers

+ Looking for a vegan wedding cake? How about a few of these (including Canadian maple and chocolate hazelnut)?

+ We can’t think of a nicer place to get in wedding shape

+ One of the prettiest aisle walks we’ve seen

+ Getting down on the dance floor is going to cost more

+ Famous wedding flicks (Father Of The Bride is on the list, of course)

+ Ideas for switching up the order of events at your wedding

+ The Pure Magnolia sample sale has made its way online

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!


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