Intense Tents

Tell someone you’re planning on honeymooning in a tent and they’re likely to make a sympathetic face and stick a little extra cash in your wedding card. If the tent you’re referring to, however, is one of the tenthouse suites at the Rockwater Secret Cove Resort, you’re the one who’s going to end up feeling sorry for them…while you lounge in your hydro-therapy tub or lay in bed and stare out at the ocean.

In case the words hydro-therapy tub didn’t tip you off, this is a far cry from camping (and even from many of the “glamping” offerings that are popular now). It’s more like a boutique hotel room that’s friendlier with mother nature than most, and you’ll get to start your lifetime of wedded bliss blending little luxuries and the great outdoors seamlessly. Think heated slate floors, rain forest showers and glowing fireplaces alongside the orange bark of arbutus trees and deep blue waters rolling up on the rocky coastline. Okay, we confess, we’re kind of smitten.

But, seriously, what could be more romantic than a honeymoon full of long baths, lounging on your private veranda and bonding over board games without anyone interrupting?

Plus, if you’d like to roll your wedding and honeymoon into one, the Rockwater is known for its weddings—we’re digging their venue-specific checklist they provide you to help plan—and it would make a great place to gather a group of your nearest and dearest (so long as there’s still a tenthouse open for you).

Want a little inspiration? Here are five weddings we love that took place at the resort: Stacey and Brent, Rochelle and Dan, Jenn and Steve, Cory and Devon and Ashley and Jason.


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