Our Favorite Suits For Summer Weddings

For all the different wedding dresses we’ve featured on Wed In Vancouver, we’ve never once chimed in on great looks for grooms, and realizing that made us feel kind of guilty. After all, the groom is an equally important person in the whole wedding equation, right? Even if he usually doesn’t care as much about the details.

To make up for neglecting the soon-to-be-wed guys out there for so long, today we’ve tracked down five wedding suits that are perfect for summer. Each has something to make it stand out from the sea of suits out there (even if it does so subtly) and no item costs more than $200. Even better, all these suits are versatile enough to get plenty of wear in years to come (which, truthfully, can rarely be said for a tuxedo and definitely can’t be said for a rental).

This one is for you, fellas. 

{Clockwise from far left}

Le Chateau Striped Blazer ($195.00), Vest ($79.95) and Shorts ($69.95)

Stripes are a classic summer look, which means this suit will still be cool five years from now, but we like the twist of wearing the fairly formal jacket and vest with shorts. It would only work for a summer wedding—and we’d suggest a casual one at that—but the groom won’t have to sweat his way through the day or feel overdressed for his own wedding.

Joe Fresh Neon Blazer ($189.00)

This is not a suit for the average Joe (puns aside), but could be so completely fun that it made the list. Before you start wondering where to purchase matching neon orange pants, let us clarify that we think it would need to be paired with a neutral khaki (possibly rolled up at the ankle and worn with a tan pair of Sperrys). It might not stand the test of time as well as some suits, but it would be a blast to wear and who couldn’t be happy looking at the wedding photos that feature this tangerine wonder?

Zara Black Blazer With Edging On Front ($159.99) and Trousers With Piped Waistband ($79.99)

Summer or not, black is one cool color…at least figuratively. While it needs at least a slightly more formal affair, the satin detailing on the lapel and pockets of the blazer (and the waistband of the pants) makes thing a bit more fanciful and a lot less boring. Word of warning: This suit is wool, so don’t plan on wearing it on the beach in July without expecting to soak it in sweat.

Zara Grey Linen Blazer ($159.99) and Grey Linen Trousers ($79.99)

Linen has been reigning as king of the summer suit materials for ages, and though we have nothing against the classic natural color, this version is incredibly on trend (grooms are going grey in a big way). This suit does a good job straddling casual summer fun with staying suave, and will quickly earn staple status in your closet. Plus, it’s a killer deal.

Armani Exchange Seersucker Blazer ($139.00) and Pants ($108.00)

If linen is king of the summer suit materials, seersucker is the wild prince that’s always getting trouble (and gets all the girls). Since the navy color is classic and subdued, the seersucker-ness of it all isn’t so in-y0ur-face, but will add just enough detail when guests get closer. And, like linen, it’ll keep you cool…in every possible way.


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