An Edible Education

Remember when we announced that macarons were the wedding dessert of the moment? And then warned you not to try making them at home? Well, if you’ve fallen for these French wonders and want to include them in your wedding, we’ve found a way that you can make your own macarons to serve and get a fun stagette or bridal shower out of it too. But don’t thank us, thank J’adore les Macarons and its creator, Connie (aka Mademoiselle Macaron).

Trained in the art of macarons—and trust us, it’s an art—at the famed Le Cordon Bleu and Lenotre in Paris, Mademoiselle Macaron is sharing her skills right here in Vancouver through her French Macarons 101 class, which will teach you everything you need to know about making (and eating) macarons at home. We’re talking recipes, secret tips, how to colour and flavour your macarons, and even info on where to track down macaron ingredients locally. What’s more, the macaron recipe you’ll learn has been crafted especially for home cooks, so you won’t fail because you don’t have a commercial oven or endless equipment. 

Up to five people can attend a class, and we think it would be the perfect stagette for a smaller group or a great bonding activity for you and your bridesmaids. Even better, since you each make—and take home—20 macarons, your group could leave with enough macarons to proudly display on the dessert table at your wedding. Of course, you’ll all have the tools and the knowledge to make more at home too, in case, you know, not all 20 make it until the wedding (who can resist a macaron?).

Want the macarons without lifting a finger? J’adore les Macarons also makes beautifully packaged macaron wedding favors, including individual macarons set in miniature ghost chairs that would be the perfect way to display place cards.

See you in class!


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