A Brand New Wedding Venue In Kelowna

Have you had a chance to check out Kelowna’s cool new wedding venue Bottega yet? We’ve been seeing pictures from fabulous weddings at the new farm inn, and we have to say, we’re totally sold.

Bottega is a far cry from what you might be picture when you hear the words “farm inn”, with some serious West Coast modern design (the cement! the glass! the wood!), and it seems to hold more prime photo locations than we can count. Of course, since your wedding isn’t just about the pictures, you’ll be happy to hear that it’s also a venue that will stun guests—especially if you book the whole facility and everyone stays for a few days (the sleepover accommodations are just as gorgeous as the grounds).

And, because we Canadians are nothing if not conscientious, Bottega has gone to great lengths to support the community around them, with local works of art, organic food from Little Church Organics (just a few miles away), and a whole host of eco-friendly initiatives that will save you from green guilt about your ceremony and reception.

But enough with the words, you want pictures, right? You can find them here. And, while you’re at it, check out a couple Bottega weddings here and here.


One response to “A Brand New Wedding Venue In Kelowna

  1. I like your blog. All the pictures are just stunning. Like Bottega,Mill Creek Manor too provides a wonderful venue for marriages as well as for other events. For more information you can visit millcreekmanor.ca.

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