Preowned Wedding Dress Roundup 07/04/12

The long weekend has come and gone and it’s back to business as usual, which isn’t the worst thing because it means that it’s time for a preowned wedding dress roundup. The summer months are the trickiest for finding a great preowned gown (most brides list their dresses in the late fall or early winter after their summer weddings). This week, however, we’ve tracked down a few fabulous finds.

1. Monique Lhuillier Candy, $4,000/originally $6,900

In the world of preowned wedding dresses, getting a Monique Lhuillier with a decent discount is the equivalent of finding gold. Why? For one thing, many brides who can afford to shell out for a Lhuillier don’t care to sell. Also, like certain cars, Monique Lhuillier dresses have great resale value. This one offers an enticing savings (and it’s from the 2012 collection), but there’s a catch: You’ll have to wait until after April of next year—and the current owner’s wedding—to get it. The plus to all this is that the bride is open to altering the dress with your preferences in mind, and that’s a rare option in used gowns.

2. Paloma Blanca 4104, $850/originally $2,200

We don’t know why, but a lot of the preowned wedding dresses we come across are sized between zero and four, so we were thrilled to find a beautiful option for brides that aren’t teeny tiny. The beaded sash creates a beautiful shape (while the full skirt ensures a comfortable fit even for dancing) and the sweetheart neckline flatters the face. The bride is also including the Paloma Blanca veil that she wore with the dress, so you won’t have to spend days searching for the right color match.

3. BCBG, $250/originally $500

A simple summer dress that will leave room in your budget for other important stuff (like food for your guests!) and will stay cool and comfortable even when temperatures soar. The boning in the bodice ensures that even though the rest of the dress has a loose, Grecian feel, you’ll still see your shape (so guests won’t wonder if there’s a little one on the way).

4. Nicole Miller HG0013, $800/originally $1,600

This style has been popular for a few years now, and it’s for good reason. It’s flattering, balances the casual (a wrinkled taffeta) with the elegant (a slight metallic sheen), and works so well for destination weddings—including being stuffed in a suitcase—that it’s almost silly. We like that the current owner of the gown had the backline and zipper moved down slightly to create even more of a v-shape at the back, making every angle of the dress amazing.

One note: As with anything for sale online, it’s important to buy smart. Use a trusted online money service to pay for your dress (PayPal and are good options) or meet the bride in person—with a friend.


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