Lovely Links For July 6th

{photo by Nastassja Harvey Photography}

It’s finally starting to feel like summer around here and we couldn’t be happier—and we bet all the summer brides out there are pretty pleased too. Now let’s just hope it doesn’t get too hot (wedding dresses aren’t exactly known for being great in warm weather, trust us).

In between wedding fun, we’re ready for the beach, barbecues and making more weekends into long weekends, preferably ones that include road trips and lakes. Sound good to you?

Here are the links we’re loving from around the web this week:

+ We love when brides keep their glasses on  for the big day

+ Advice on choosing a sparkling wine for your wedding

+ Berry inspiration is the best inspiration

+ An incredibly fun-looking couple (those bathtub shots!)

+ We bet your bridesmaids have never seen necklaces like these before

+ Proof that glittery dresses are always good (even when you’re laying in the sand)

+ All the paper paraphernalia you need made easy

+ Something fun for you to do this Tuesday

+ A good way to decide when to DIY

 Don’t forget to wear sunscreen this weekend!


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