Beauty And The Bride: The Perfect Peach Makeup

The saying “pretty as a peach” didn’t come to be without good reason. Peaches are the perfect shade of coral pink, plump and enticing. In short: We can’t wait for August when the Okanagan will be laden with them. In the meantime, we’re taking our beauty inspiration from our favorite fruit, and tapping into all things peachy to achieve a sweet youthful look. The kind that’s just right (or, in this case, ripe) for wedding day makeup. Here are a few of the peach potions we’re currently obsessing over.

{From left to right}

Essie Nail Polish In Tart Deco, $9.75

Sure, a pale, pale pink is the classic look for wedding day nails, but aren’t these more fun and summery? Especially if you happen to be holding a bouquet with some similarly striking peachy pink blooms. And, if you end up caving and going neutral for your nails on the big day, you can always show off this shade at the bridal shower.

MAC Eye Shadow in Free To Be, $18.00

Peach isn’t the easiest shade to pull off on your lids. Done wrong it can look like you haven’t slept in days—and are having your own Dazed and Confused moment. If you do it right, however, by applying minimally and pairing with bronze shadows and a nice coating of black mascara, it can actually refresh your face and make a statement.

Yves Saint Laurent ROUGE VOLUPTE Lipstick in Peach Passion, $39.00

Even though lip stains and glosses get most of the love these days, we’re still suckers for a great lipstick. And this one is definitely great. It’s not just that the color is the pink we all wish our lips were, or that the formula is like butter (but better), it’s that even applying it makes you feel beautiful. But that’s Yves Saint Laurent for you.

Benefit Cosmetics Cha Cha Tint, $36.00

A lot of peach packed in a little container, this tint is extra effective as a wedding day choice since it can do double duty (lips and cheeks). The color is a beautiful balance of orange and pink and pairs incredibly well with a healthy dose of bronzer. Although you can apply it straight to your cheeks or lips with the included applicator, we like to put a couple drops on our fingertips and spread it on that way, eliminating the risk of spotting.


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